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Polka Dot Design is committed to environmental awareness. To this end, we offer a variety of paper products containing recycled content, that are FSC and/or SFI certified and printed using FSC certified machines. For your convenience, an icon denotes these types of products as you browse through our selections. More detailed information is provided below if you would like to read the "green" specifics for each brand of product that we carry.


ELEMENTAL CHLORINE FREE (ECF): Papers produced from pulp that has been bleached with a chlorine derivative such as chlorine dioxide, but without elemental chlorine. Chlorine dioxide bleaching, a pollution prevention technology recognized by the International Joint Commission, is a remarkable bleaching agent that eliminates persistent, bioaccumulative toxic substances in mill waste-water. Chlorine dioxide is also an essential component for producing the highest quality pulp and paper products. 1

FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL CERTIFICATION (FSC): The strictest of the forest harvesting certification processes. The FSC was created in the 1990s by environmental and social groups, foresters and landowners to provide consumers with a rigorous, independent system for identifying products from ecologically, socially, and economically well-managed forests.

PRE-CONSUMER MATERIAL: Generated by manufacturers and processors, and may consist of scrap, trimmings and other by-products that were never used in the consumer market. 2

POST-CONSUMER MATERIAL: An end product that has completed its life cycle as a consumer item and would otherwise have been disposed of as solid waste. Post-consumer materials include recyclables collected in commercial and residential recycling programs, such as office paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastics and metals. 3

RECYCLED-CONTENT PRODUCTS: An item that contains recovered materials. Recovered materials are wastes that have been diverted from conventional disposal such as landfills for other use. Recycled-content products may contain some pre-consumer waste, some post-consumer waste or both. A product does not have to contain 100 percent recovered materials to be considered "recycled." 4

SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY INITIATIVES (SFI): Certification based on principles that promote sustainable forest management, including measures to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, species at risk, and forests with exceptional conservation value.


Doc Milo
Doc Milo invitations and note cards are printed on 100# cardstock containing 10% post-consumer waste fiber. The cardstock is also FSC and SFI certified.

Hicks uses Lynx Opaque cardstock for its line of products. This cardstock is FSC certified and SFI Fiber Sourcing certified and includes 10% post-consumer recycled content.

Inviting Co.
Inviting Co.'s standard product line, including imprintable invitations and note cards, is 80 pound matte cardstock containing between 10% and 30% recycled paper fibers and is SFI certified.

Mainio products are printed on Cougar Opaque Paper Cover 80#. Cougar Opaque contains 10% post-consumer fiber and is FSC and SFI certified. This cardstock is also ECF and lignin free. In addition, Mainio uses an FSC certified printer that prints only with soy-based ink and is very eco-friendly.

Noteworthy designs are printed on Cougar 80# cardstock. These cardstocks contain 10% post-consumer recycled material, are FSC certified and participate in the Rainforest Alliance.

Paper So Pretty
Paper So Pretty uses ECF paper containing 30% post-consumer recycled content.

Paper So Pretty employs a printer who purchases wind credits to support alternative energy sources and is able to claim 100% wind power production. In addition, they print on a domestic sheet that carries a smaller carbon footprint than buying an overseas sheet.

Paper So Pretty invitations, paper, and note cards are packaged in 100% recyclable plastic bags or PVC boxes, as are their embellishments that are composed primarily of carbon and hydrogen. They contain no heavy metals or other environmentally hazardous substances.

Picture Perfect
Accent Opaque Cover, made by International Paper Company, is a premium sheet with a super smooth finish. This sheet has a beautiful blue/white shade that tops out at a 96 on the brightness scale, and has a 99 opacity rating. This bright white sheet makes colors snap, and images appear crisp and clean. In addition, International Paper Company along with the Accent Opaque Cover, are FSC and SFI certified. International Paper follows strict guidelines in the forest, at the mills, and in the warehouse. Most importantly this means forests are renewed, natural resources are preserved, wildlife is protected, human rights are respected, pollution is curtailed, and energy use is reduced.

Polka Dot Design Exclusive Collection
Polka Dot Design's Exclusive Collection uses premium 110# cardstock. This cardstock contains 30% recycled content. In addition, Polka Dot Design uses an FSC certified printer.

Polka Dot Design Weddings
Polka Dot Design's Exclusive Wedding Programs include 80# Cougar Opaque cardstock covers. This cardstock is FSC certified, ECF and lignin free and contains 10% post-consumer recycled content. The text paper inserts are 60# Cougar Opaque text. This paper is also FSC certified, ECF and lignin free and contains 10% post-consumer recycled content. The vellum used for overlays and inserts is 29# Glama Natural. This vellum paper is FSC certified.

Prints Charming
All Prints Charming cardstock and envelopes have SFI certification.

SanLori uses 80# Lynx Opaque cardstock, which is a member of the Domtar EarthChoice family of products. This cardstock is FSC certified and SFI Fiber Sourcing certified and includes 10% post-consumer recycled content. (This does not include the shimmer cardstock for SanLori's line of Elegance products.)

In addition, SanLori uses a printer that was recently awarded FSC printer status by SmartWood.

Sarah LeClere
All Sarah LeClere cardstock and envelopes are FSC certified.

Stevie Streck
Stevie Streck uses 80 pound and 100 pound natural and white Cougar card-stock for invitations. The envelopes rage from 60 to 70 pound white and natural paper. All envelopes, tags, and card-stock contain 10% post-consumer recycled content.

Whitney English
Whitney English uses Lynx Opaque cardstock for its line of products. This cardstock is FSC certified and SFI Fiber Sourcing certified and includes 10% post-consumer recycled content.