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About Us

  Well hello there. If you came to this page, that means you are curious to hear our story. We don't want to disappoint. So here it is, the story of us.

Polka Dot Design was dreamed up by a brilliant young couple in 1999. They had a scrappy start, literally out of their apartment consulting on wedding and custom invitations. In 2002 Polka Dot Design was revealed online when the couple decided to devote themselves wholeheartedly to the Polka Dot explosion.

The website had humble, yet grand beginnings, initially offering the leading brands in the stationery industry. In June 2008, Polka Dot Design released its own line of Exclusive Digital products. Expanding the brand and establishing the company as a leading player in the industry. All the while maintaining its rich relationships with the foremost stationery manufacturers and enduring bond with its cherished clients.

Since its debut, Polka Dot Design has experienced tremendous growth and change. With the launch of a new website and employees shifting as its new owners in August 2009, Polka Dot Design has stayed connected to its roots. Phillip Vanarsdel, the creative force behind it all, stays focused on being family owned and always looking for a reason to celebrate. We continue to fulfill our founding mission of excellent customer service and personal care. Our goal is not only to stay hip to the current trends but cultivate the talented, creative staff that keeps this dream alive. The tagline is simple, Celebrate Everything. Nothing is too small or too big. That is what makes Polka Dot Design different. We are indeed, the informal ambassador of the all that is scrappy in this world of commerce. We have chosen to remain true to who we are. Cute, flirty, and never afraid to sport a crisp hot pink dress shirt. We are your partner in the party and your right-hand guy in all things worth celebrating. We represent the ideals and aspirational qualities of every small business, personalized with enthusiasm, adventure, and infinite possibilities. We are delighted to celebrate life with you.