Fall Floral Invitation
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Fall Floral Invitation
Fall Floral Invitation

Fall Floral Invitation

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When you're about to plan a party in the cooler time of the year, try searching in our Polka Dot Fall Party Invitations for this Fall Floral Invitation from our Polka Dot Stationery Store. The fall colors on this custom printed invitation is a great fit for all your fall ideas that you're pinning to your Pinterest board with all the other pumpkin spice latte recipes ideas. Choose to customize this item and enter our design studio to design your own corporate event invitations and be your boss's favorite employee. I bet if you do this right, you could be looking at employee of the month and that front parking spot. You and i both know that it's not about being closer to the building. It's about the recognition. When you're parked in the parking spot marked "reserved for the employee of the month", everything is different. You walk taller. People begin to notice you more. That guy from Marketing starts being at the coffee pot when you are more often. Do you really think that's a coincidence? Doubt it. Logic tells you that it didn't start happening until you started parking up front. You two start flirting at the office and staying after to "focus on your work". All of this because you chose a fall party invitation from Polka Dot Design. It kind of makes you wonder. I'd go grab that company card and start your order now. Don't forget to order your fall bridal invitations when Bob from Marketing finally pops the question.

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Flat Card


Cards are printed on a four color digital press and feature your personalized text on 110lb premium cardstock with matte finish. Envelopes included.


Invitation and envelope

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10-29 5 $2.19 $2.19
30-49 5 $2.09 $2.09
50-99 5 $1.79 $1.79
100-500 5 $1.59 $1.59