Number 1 Teacher Notepad
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Number 1 Teacher Notepad
Number 1 Teacher Notepad

Number 1 Teacher Notepad

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8.5 x 11


Thank you for searching our Polka Dot Stationery Store for teacher's gift ideas. This Number 1 Teacher Notepad will be a hit with all your child's teachers and will probably even get them better grades. Whether you're buying these custom notepads to be nice or as a bride to help your kid get better grades, it doesn't matter because the teacher is just going to love writing on her new custom stationery. You may even get a good note home from your child. It's been a while since you saw once of those, huh? Yep. He's been slipping a bit and needs some more act right. Perhaps you order your boy some kid's personalized stationery while you're at it. Have him practice writing on his own paper instead of coloring on the walls or other people. The walls can be painted and will cover up the graffiti most of the time, but people cannot be painted. Most of the time you can wash people off and they will feel better about your awnry kid writing on them. Sometimes though, you will have to throw these random strangers a party to avoid them filing a lawsuit against you. You don't want to be paying for your child's sins all their life, so you opt for the party route instead. We can help you with those affordable party invitations too. Odds are you'll be at a loss for words since you don't even know the person you're throwing a party for, so you look to us for some party sample text. You can also check out our customer care area for other wording ideas and party invitation verbiage. Remember this. If you just order your kid some stationery, he will stop coloring on people and you can stop searching the internet for cheap party invitations. This will help save you money to use on our high end invitations. You're welcome.


Note pads are printed on a four color digital press and feature your personalized text on 70lb premium paper, a 110lb card stock backer with a matte finish and gummed binding. Each pad contains 50 sheets.


Notepad with 50 sheets

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