Jungle Safari Party

Jungle Party

Lions and tigers, zebras and giraffes, monkeys and elephants... Cute and furry or ferocious and fierce, what child isn't fascinated by animals? The jungle safari party is a creative theme full of games and activities to let the kid's imaginations run wild. It is also a natural choice if you're celebrating a birthday at the children's area of the zoo, wildlife park or even jungle-themed indoor playland. Whether you're going to deepest Africa or bringing it home to your living room, we have suggestions to help you take your little explorers on an expedition they won't forget.

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Jungle Safari Party Invitations
Jungle Party Invitations
You'll want to let your guests know they'll be going on safari with a colorful and fun invitation. There are many wild designs to choose from, including cartoony jungle scenes, animal prints and cut-outs of animal shapes. You can even send a personalized photo of your little explorer in their safari hat and expedition gear, or dressed as an animal... It's the perfect way to tell their friends to "swing on over and monkey around!"

When writing the invitation, a fun way to get the children excited and involved is to ask them to arrive dressed as their favorite animals. You can even ask your guests to bring along their favorite stuffed animals as jungle guides!

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Jungle Safari Party
Costumes and Favors
Jungle Party Costumes
Put on your pith helmet and khakis and greet the children with safari hats, bandanas and compasses as they arrive. If the children would rather dress as animals, have kid-friendly costume makeup on hand to paint stripes, spots, whiskers and black noses on their faces. It's a good idea to have another adult to help with this, or even enlist their parents. You can even give them animal "ears" by hot-gluing construction paper or felt ears to headbands ahead of time.
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