Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Socail

When the temperature rises, is there anything more refreshing than ice cream? Ice cream socials are an ideal party theme for children of any age, as they don't take much preparation and can accommodate any number of guests. They're also great for occasions where teens and adults will be present such as church events, school fund raisers, family reunions and neighborhood block parties.

Whether you're throwing an old-fashioned ice cream social or a simple build-your-own-sundae party, we have some suggestions to throw a stylish ice cream social guaranteed to be a success. After all, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!"

Ice Cream Social Invitations
Ice Cream Social Invitations
There are many colorful and fun invitations to spread the word about your party. Choose a card in the shape of an ice cream cone for younger children, or with checkered, striped or ice cream designs in the borders for an ice cream social with a turn of the 20th century flair. We suggest Old West and circus typestyles for accented wording on your invitation, accompanied by a simple and easy to read font for the party details.

You can even send a personalized photo invitation with your child dressed as a Good Humor man (white shirt, black bow tie and paper hat) or a server at an old fashioned ice cream parlor (straw hat, red vest and white shirt, and if they're a boy, a handlebar mustache!)

Ice Cream Social Preparation
Ice Cream Social Preparation
Since ice cream socials tend to be messy affairs it's a good idea to remind your guests not to wear their finest clothes to the party. You may also consider handing out throwaway disposable aprons or old shirts to wear as smocks. Or, provide cloth aprons and fabric paints or markers to all of the children to decorate with pictures of ice cream cones. They can take their aprons home afterwards as a party souvenir.

Plan for the clean-up ahead of time... You'll be glad you did. Dine outdoors or in a room with furniture and floors that can be easily wiped down, as ice cream and fabric or carpet are not a good mix. You can't have too many napkins and moist towelettes for spills and sticky hands, and use disposable plates, cups, bowls and cutlery as well as paper or easily cleaned tablecloths.

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