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Bowling Party

Bowling Party

Do you want to throw your child a party filled with games and excitement no matter what the weather or time of year? Look no further than your nearest bowling alley! Bowling parties are a great choice for busy parents, as they require minimal preparation and almost everything is provided for you by the establishment. Best of all, they'll clean up after you too!

If you want to score a perfect "300" at your little kingpin's party, then read on... We have some helpful suggestions to throw a bowling birthday party your guests will never forget!

Bowling Party Invitations
Bowling Party Invitations
Send the perfect invitation to let your guests know about your bowling party! Bowling parties are a very popular theme and there are many fun designs to choose from, including cute cutouts of bowling palls and pins to charmingly "retro" bowling alley signs. You can even add a personal touch by sending a personalized photo invitation with a picture of your little bowler on the lanes complete with bowlin ball, shirt and shoes.

Be sure to include all of the party details, particularly if your guests will be meeting at the bowling center. Most parents will expect you to take care of all of the costs of the party, and to avoid misunderstandings later make sure to indicate if they will need to bring money for refreshments, shoe rentals, etc. Additionally, you may want to let the parents know they are welcome to stay throughout the party to bowl with the children... After all, you can always use the help!

We would also recommend telling guests to arrive at least fifteen minutes before the bowling begins. This will let you rent shoes and make preparations without dipping into paid-for time on the lanes.

Bowling Party Preparation
Bowling Party Preparations
The most important aspect of planning a bowling birthday party is, of course, finding the perfect location. If you're fortunate enough to have several centers in your area we'd advise you to do your homework and visit each ahead of time to see which can best accommodate your party. Speak with the managers about the birthday packages that they may offer, as different businesses will have different deals and amenities.

Of course there is the price of renting the lanes, but you will also want to ask if food and drinks are included in the package, if there is a party room for cake and presents and if the cost of shoe rentals is included or discounted. If there will be younger bowlers you may also want to see if the alley will put rubber bumpers along the lanes to prevent gutter balls. In general, most bowling alleys will love to host your party and do whatever they can to accommodate you!

You will also need to consider whether the party will begin and end at the bowling alley, or whether you'll take the party to your house or another location. For example, you may want to serve cake and open presents at your house instead of bowling. If the party is in the evening, you may want to have the guests over for a slumber party afterwards.

Bowling Party Favors
Bowling Party Favors
A wonderful way to let your guests feel like part of a team is to give each a t-shirt made especially for the party. There are many online and retail shops that can help, or you can even do it yourself with bowling-related clip art. Buy enough shirts to go around (make sure they're big enough for the kids to wear over their clothes) and print your design on iron-on transfer paper that works in your inkjet printer.

By the way, having all of your little partygoers wear the same colorful T-shirt is a great way to keep track of them in the busy bowling alley!

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