Basketball Party

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Basketball Party Activities
Basketball Party Activities
The birthday party games and activities at a basketball birthday party depend on the venue. If you'll be playing at home, you'll probably want an outdoor basketball hoop and a flat concrete surface. You may also consider having the party (or just the games) at a community center, YMCA or park with outdoor basketball courts. Toddlers will have fun with balloon or Nerf ball games that can be played inside, but older children will want the real thing.

Start the day with "Basketball Training Camp." Run through a through a series of drills where the kids shoot baskets, do jumping jacks and practice their fancy footwork. Set up an obstacle course with objects from the house or yard that the basketball players have to dribble the ball around without stopping. This will give them a good workout and burn off some excess energy!

Follow this with basketball contests. See how many free throws each child can score in two minutes or with a set amount of shots. Challenge them to dribble the ball the longest or from one end of a court to the other the fastest. Add some silly games as well, such as who can spin a basketball on their finger the longest, dribble a ball the slowest or shoot the most baskets blindfolded. Award prizes for every event, and try to make sure every guest walks away a winner.

And of course, play a game of basketball! If you're playing on a driveway, play a game of half court or "HORSE" instead of a full game. You may want to set a time or point limit as well, if you're worried about the party running too long.

As an added attraction, why not hire a basketball player for your party, such as a local high school or college player to come and give the children lessons on their game? Build up their arrival and kids will think a real celebrity is at the party! If you don't have a friend or relative who fits the bill, you can contact your local high school or college.

After the game, set up an autograph station! If the children play together on a youth league, blow up a team photo to poster size ahead of time, or simply take a group photograph and print it as large as your computer printer will allow. Let all of the basketball players sign it as a souvenir of the party. You may even want to print a photo for each guest so that everyone can take a signed photograph home.

You may also want to center the basketball birthday party on a big NBA or college basketball game! Turn your living room into a home theater by setting up chairs around the TV to cheer your favorite team on. If the party is not during basketball season, then hold a basketball video game tournament or watch a kid's basketball movie like "Space Jam."

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