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Baseball Party Activities
Baseball Party Activities
Be sure to have equipment ready for the games you'll play at the baseball birthday party. You'll need a bat or two, a softball and gloves to go around as well as something to use as bases if your guests will be playing a full game. It may want to encourage the kids to bring their own bats and gloves on the invitation. If your guests are very young or you're playing indoors you will want to play baseball games with Wiffle balls and plastic bats.

Of course, if you have ample space outdoors your guests will love to divide into teams and play a game of baseball. You'll probably want to play a shorter game than usual and declare a time limit, or that the game will only last a limited number of innings.

Another option is to set up carnival-style games to test their baseball skills. Rent or build a batting cage and set up pyramids of bottles or cans or targets painted on plywood to see who are the best hitters and pitchers. Or simply see who can slide into base or throw or hit the ball the farthest. These also make good warm-up activities before the big game.

There are plenty of baseball birthday party games that can be played indoors as well as out. Play "Pin the Baseball on the Diamond" instead of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Award points based on how close they get to home base. Paint a picture of a batter on poster board or foam core with the a hole cut out in the "strike zone" and have the kids toss bean bags or Nerf balls trying to strike the batter out. Make large pennants of felt or construction paper in your team's colors and let the children decorate with markers, kid-safe paint and stickers. Or play a baseball trivia game with prizes for the guests who get the most answers right.

You can also ask the children to bring their baseball card collections to have a trading session... This can keep them busy for hours! Buy a pack for every guest as a party favor to get the trading started.

Of course, you can turn your TV room into a home theater and watch a major league baseball game, a baseball-related movie or have a baseball video game tournament. If the children are members of a little league team, why not watch a replay of one of their games? You, or a friend or relative with the know-how can even do a little video editing and add titles to make it look slick. Your little sluggers will love to cheer themselves on!

Finally, you may even consider taking the kids to a real ball game! Contact the office of your city's ballpark, as it's often possible to get a package deal for parties.

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