Groovy Pastel Stripes Photo Card
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Groovy Pastel Stripes Photo Card
Groovy Pastel Stripes Photo Card

Groovy Pastel Stripes Photo Card

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Okay, so you're finally getting married. It's time to search our Polka Dot Save the Date Cards and snatch up a good design like this Groovy Pastel Stripes Photo Card from Prints Charming. We could make this a Save the Date magnet if you would like. All you have to do is ask. In fact, anything you want, all you have to do is ask. Make sure it's a good question though. A lot of questions we get are like "Can we get free shipping?" or can you match prices of the Invitation Box or Tiny Prints? No, we cannot. We are a small business that is struggling to survive because people have become too cheap and not ordering invitations anymore. The print industry has been dying for years and it shows with the new norm becoming a Facebook post to announce your engagement or an to send out baby shower invitations for boys or girls. Design your own save the date magnets here and actually be proud of something this wedding season. Setting the standard now that you will not search for cheap invitations rather using our affordable wedding invitations will be a life saver for the both of us. Believe me, we have so many great products and our quality is better than Tiny Prints. We just do not have the millions of advertising dollars those fools have. I wish we did and then we could employ so many graphic interns from UTA here in Arlington. I wish this had gone so much differently. I really wanted to have a solid, breeding ground for design and art for people to express themselves while giving back to the community through inspiration and by creating jobs. I can still see it, but why is it so cloudy? Money rules everything now and I could write content for days since that's what wants to use to rank us better, but how many times can you really say party invitations or bridal shower invitations on a website or a product description before it totally gets repetitive, lame, & boring? I can't do that. I just want to design pretty things and support my family properly. Give me a hand here Mark Cuban or Donald Trump. I could use it.

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Flat Photo Card


Photo cards are printed on a four color digital press and feature your photo printed along with personalized text on 110lb premium cardstock with matte finish. Envelopes included.

Photo Instructions:

For the best print quality, upload a high resolution JPEG digital photo with a resolution of 300 dpi in its original and unedited state. Please review our FAQ section for detailed photo requirements including instructions for emailing a photo.


Flat photo card and envelope

Quantity Increments Black
10-49 5 $2.55 $2.55
50-99 5 $2.32 $2.32
100-500 5 $2.12 $2.12