Happy Boy Owls Gender Neutral Photo Card
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Happy Boy Owls Gender Neutral Photo Card
Happy Boy Owls Gender Neutral Photo Card

Happy Boy Owls Gender Neutral Photo Card

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Your baby is yellow and you need to search through our Polka Dot Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitations for this Happy Boy Owls Gender Neutral Photo Card to announce the birth of your new yellowish baby. Don't all babies come out this way these days? How can I design my own birth cards? This is a question I wish I hear everyday, so that we could stay in business. Instead I hear, do you have any free invitations or can you create me a baby design for $10. Seriously? Just spend money on your kid and set the stage for all of their next birthdays and party invites. Sure you can share it on Facebook that you had a new baby, but do it right and send our custom printed birth announcements on card stock. This is something that you can put in your neutral baby's scrapbook. Can you put that Facebook post in your baby's scrapbook? Sure you can print it off on your home printer, but odds are you didn't refill the ink because again, it was too expensive. Now you look like a fool because your post printout about your new baby is cyan and yellow. If you want anything to look good for your baby shower or your child's 1st birthday, order online from Polka Dot Design and be proud of what you do. If you're not proud, odds are that baby was an accident.

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Flat Photo Card


Cards are printed on a four color digital press and feature your personalized text on 110lb premium cardstock with matte finish. Envelopes included.

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For the best print quality, upload a high resolution JPEG digital photo with a resolution of 300 dpi in its original and unedited state. Please review our FAQ section for detailed photo requirements including instructions for emailing a photo.


Flat photo card and envelope

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