Kitchen Canisters Invitation
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Kitchen Canisters Invitation
Kitchen Canisters Invitation

Kitchen Canisters Invitation

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4.5 x 9.5


Whether you're throwing a new home party or browsing for Polka Dot Pre Wedding Invites, this Kitchen Canisters Invitation is a stellar option. One bridal shower idea is to throw the bride to be a kitchen shower to stock and furnish her new kitchen with all the tools she needs to please her new man. Well maybe it's the man's job to cook. What if the bride to be found a super hot guy that knows how to cook like a mother? A double threat here. This guy won her heart first by not talking and second by shoving the best of culinary delights into your best friend's pie hole. So that's why she's in love. I think a kitchen shower is in order here and you should actually let the male handle the bridal registry this time. It only makes sense since he's the one that's cooking the delights. You could even see if he were available to do the catering. At that point you couldn't really do couples shower invitations since he would be working, but that may be some cute, sultry game he would play with the bride. The hot guy dresses up like a chef and caters the bridal shower and wins over the bride to be. I'm seeing it. It sounds like the hottest of romance novels staring that long haired, open shirt having, big chested man with the wind blown golden locks. All of that from one invitation. I'd hit buy now.

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Cards are printed on a four color digital press and feature your personalized text on 110lb premium cardstock with matte finish. Envelopes included.


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