Domestic Delight Kitchen Shower Invitation
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Domestic Delight Kitchen Shower Invitation
Domestic Delight Kitchen Shower Invitation

Domestic Delight Kitchen Shower Invitation

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Bridal shower invitations like this Domestic Delight Kitchen Shower Invitation from Picture Perfect are a great way to celebrate the bride to be. Shower ideas can sometimes be hard to decide on. At Polka Dot Design, we have so many different bridal shower ideas to choose from. You could have a fiesta party for the rehearsal dinner. That's pretty easy as you can service fajitas and margaritas. Look at that, I just came up with an invitation and a menu for the rehearsal dinner. You can just sit back and reap the benefits of those ideas now. You're welcome. Don't order cheap. Order affordable. You're going to get what you pay for and your friendship with the bride is on the line here. If you mess this up, well good luck getting a present when she gets back from her honeymoon. Also be prepared for her to pay you back when she's your maid of honor. What if she orders you some ugly wedding invitations? You wouldn't want that, so lets do her right. Stay focused. Stay woke and you will get through these online invitations in no time. Hit customize now and and enter our design studio. This is where you will create your own cards online. Use our shower sample text or use your own wording. I don't care one way or the other. All we care about is that you're happy and you come back for more. That's the goal here. I want to turn you into a loyal customer. I miss you already. Let's get started on ordering now and you just let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I'll call you up and we'll have a laugh or two.

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Flat Card


Cards are printed on a four color digital press and feature your personalized text on 110lb premium cardstock with matte finish. Envelopes included.


Invitation and envelope

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10-29 5 $2.44 $2.44
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50-99 5 $2.04 $2.04
100-500 5 $1.84 $1.84