Faux Designs Fine Stationery and Gifts

Are you looking for more high end invitations for your upcoming event? Maybe something that's a bit more elegant than most other invitations you've perused? While we do carry more modern, lighthearted invites, if you have a specific idea in mind and would like to take a look at a few high end party invitations, then you need to check out Faux Designs.

Faux Designs has been leading the stationery industry since 1986. They continue to design, manufacture and assemble stationery and gifts in the United States, which are perfect when you're looking to fulfill more upscale obligations like corporate party ideas, or holiday party events. Specializing in high-quality embossed foil and innovative designs, Faux Designs invites you to explore their collection and sample each and every Faux Designs stationery and gift option.

You don't need to Google "Faux Designs Newton MA" in order to retrieve the invitations and information that you need. We will happily explain to you why this company is top-notch in their field. Faux Designs is a Boston-based company founded by artist, Stacy Landau. For over 30 years, they have been the leader in offering high-end Stationery and Gifts. Faux Designs manufactures beautifully embossed and foil-stamped Stationery on luxuriously thick card stock. Faux Designs also offers a variety of Gift Items, such as Gift Notes, Single Note Cards, Pens, Desk Pads, Coasters, Tumblers, Desk Calendars, Gift Wrap and more! All products are designed, manufactured and assembled with love in the US.

Pine boughs, grommets, footballs, and fruit find their way into Faux Designs invitations. They are inspired by pinstripes and paisleys, the sacred and the secular, conservatives and liberals, the masculine and the feminine. You name it, they can find a clever and unique balance between two opposing worlds.

What makes Faux Designs so unique, is that they don't skimp when it comes to professionalism and elegant flare. Take their simple, embossed invitations for example. They are far from over-the-top, and in fact feature a very minimalist design, that takes simplicity and design to the next level. These types of invites are perfect to represent your corporate party invitations. Each and every company should have a reason to celebrate throughout the year. Whether it's a company-wide holiday party, or a dinner for the employees, corporate party invitations can be quite beneficial in order to get the celebration started. You may even be looking for a few corporate event invitation ideas, and for that we can proudly tell you, Faux Designs is an excellent choice.

Everyone at Faux Designs cares deeply about their products and your satisfaction with them. This is why they such one-of-a-kind invitations and hand-crafted style. Excellence in design and outstanding customer service are what they aspire to deliver each and every time.